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Did you miss me?

I’m sitting here on Saturday morning (early) writing this post and trying to recall the last Saturday morning I actually sat down and wrote and it feels like FOREVER. So where have I been?

Well, I went on vacation and actually didn’t schedule anything other than my In the Spotlight post during my hiatus. It felt good to get away. Work and my personal life have been so crazy. As a result, I actually felt nauseous during the first couple of days away. It was hard to let go and it has been ages since I felt that way while I was away from work.

I did miss all my blogging friends though. I missed coding and writing posts and commenting and my occasional random tweets. I became obsessed with Litsy (look me up under SecondRunReviews) and became obsessed with taking pictures of the books I was reading and sharing quotes (oh, yeah, it’s the PERFECT social media platform for me).

I finished 3 books (one was a re-read) while I was on vacation so I have a few reviews to catch up on. I met a couple of authors (Mike Mullin and Sarah Gruen). I ate some amazing food. Celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary. Learned about Peruvian mummies and Chuck Jones of Bugs Bunny fame. Visited bookstores (we actually took public transit one morning JUST to go to a bookstore we saw). Listened to Neil deGrasse Tyson. And saw the Twins get stomped by the Yankees.

Overall, it was a decent vacation. Work is still not good so my vacation wasn’t that total restorative thing that it is suppose to be where I CAN’T wait to get back into the routine of work. I am, however, ready to get back into the routine of blogging. It’s good to be back!


Taken on June 16, 2016 at The Salt Cellar in Saint Paul, MN with an iPhone 4s.


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“Strength is the capacity to break a Hershey bar into four pieces with your bare hands–and then eat just one of the pieces.” Judith Viorst



Quick Announcements!

I’m helping to organize an author signing event in Cedar Rapids in July. Remember how I said a couple of weeks ago, our goal was 20 authors?! Well, we hit capacity (30 authors) before I went on vacation! We are looking ahead to next year so if you are an author and interested in attending, please fill out the interest form over at and we’ll be in touch once we have the 2017 date and location set!

I’ve got a few giveaways going. So be sure to enter those.

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