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I apologize right now if this post makes no sense. I just spent over 9 hours at the mall talking books with people. I’m sure I’m a bit loopy.

Well, we did it. We successfully pulled off an author signing event in 2 months. And I am toast. My feet hurt. My back hurts. My lips are so dry despite drinking tons of water. I’m barely awake yet I’m sitting here at my desk just overwhelmed and emotional about the whole thing.

I met some amazing new authors today. They took a chance on Imagine Other Worlds with Authors. They paid money to sit at the Mall at talk to people about books. They paid money to listen to me talk about my blog when dropped by their tables. (Sorry if I talked too much. When it comes to books and book-related things, I can’t stop once I get started. And I’m sorry if I missed stopping by your table!)

While my feet are throbbing and my eyes are fluttering shut, I want to say, thank you to everyone. Thank you for taking chance on today. Thank you for sharing your words with those sitting around you and with those that stopped by your table. I know it’s not easy and I know that damn Coke machine was driving everyone batty, but we made it.

My goal here at Second Run Reviews is educating readers about books, authors and anything book-related. I didn’t realize it until today, but that is what this event was all about. The location and initial setup maybe have not been ideal and I know we all wanted to murder the Coke machine by 7 PM. But thank you for helping me share more books and more authors with my community. And thank you to all the people that visited the Mall today and supported an author (or two or seven—Ella, I feel like we should give you trip to Victoria’s Secret next time). Thank you to everyone who helped further my goal of educating readers about the breadth of books that are available in our own backyards.

And am I the only one that can still hear the damn Coke machine?


Taken by Jolene Buchheit at Lindale Mall on July 16, 2016 during the Imagine Other Worlds with Authors Signing event.


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