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in the spotlight feature

In the Spotlight feature kicked off in April 2015 and is an opportunity for authors, editors and publishers (basically anyone in the book industry (yes, even bloggers!)) to connect with fans. There is an option to do an interview, guest post, feature a book sale or book release or a cover reveal. Best of all, it’s free! All you need to do is click on the image to reserve your spot!


Now on with the show!


In the Spotlight with Stephanie Gresham

in the spotlight question

Welcome to Second Run Reviews, Stephanie! Thank you for being In the Spotlight. I appreciate you stopping by and answering a few questions. So let’s get things started.

In a tweet (140 characters or less), tell us a bit about yourself.



author interview stephanie gresham

Paramedic turned author with a gift of making readers fall in love with her characters and her birthday is in 2 days! #romance #author

in the spotlight question

Please tell a bit about your journey to becoming a published author. What’s been the best things about it and the worst?




author interview stephanie gresham

It all started when my father bought me my first Kindle (it was the original version) and I stumbled upon the indie world. I honestly think I depleted 75% of my bank account within that first week of having my Kindle. Anyway, a year or so later, I started my own blog and met some of the most wonderful people. I became close friends with a few of them and while I was going through school, they suggested that I try to write. About 6 months later, the Broken Pieces Series was born.

The best things are the people that I have met-authors, bloggers and readers. The worst thing is the drama. I try to stay away from it.

in the spotlight question

Friends have a “nasty” habit of convincing us to do things we might not otherwise do.

Tell us a bit about your latest release. What inspired you to write it? Why should fans of Second Run Reviews consider reading it.



author interview stephanie gresham

The Broken Pieces Series is a story about love, loss and heartache. Fayth is lost inside herself from the horrors of her past. Tyler is possibly her only salvation at being able to live a normal life. After a horrific incident in Picking Up the Pieces, Fayth and Tyler have to find a way to bring their lives back together in Mending the Pieces.

Some of what the characters experienced actually happened in real life. It was a story that I felt needed to be told in the hopes that it would help someone else in that situation.

I would love your fans to read it because it connects with most people on a personal level. You get invested in the characters and feel what they feel.

in the spotlight question

How cool that you were able to draw from real life events for your novels. I hope my fans will check it out.

What types of books do you enjoy reading the most? What three books to you find yourself recommending to your fans over and over?



author interview stephanie gresham

I love paranormal and New Adult and they are always my go-to when I am in a book funk. I absolutely love Moonshine by Regina Bartley, Rae of Sunshine by Micalea Smeltzer and Licentious by Jen Cousineau.



in the spotlight question

Those are new to me. I’ll have to research them on GoodReads.

What is your current obsession? Any secret obsessions you would like to share?



author interview stephanie gresham

I am on a Netflix binge of CSI:Miami and Criminal Minds, but those are only when NASCAR isn’t on. I love watching it in person or on TV.




in the spotlight question

Those police procedurals are so easy to binge watch. I ended up watching 3 or 4 hours of Law & Order: SVU in the middle of a Sunday afternoon recently. It was crazy how the time flew by!

Any last thoughts or wise words you want to pass along?



author interview stephanie gresham

Never give up on your goals and always believe in yourself.




in the spotlight question

Thank you for being In the Spotlight, Stephanie. I hope you’ll stop by again soon and let us know about yoru next release.



author interview stephanie gresham

The Overview

Synopsis: What would you do if your life was ripped away from you?

Fayth grew up with a huge secret. One that she was too ashamed to let anyone else know. Tyler is the one person in her life that she wants and feels she is not good enough to have. That is until something tragic happens.

Tyler wants nothing more than to be Fayth’s one and only, but he knows that she is hiding something from him. After his tragic accident, Tyler has to find a way to become himself again.

Will they both be able to overcome their problems? Will it lead them back to each other?

Giveaways offered at Second Run Reviews. Various sponsors.

About Stephanie Gresham

stephanie gresham headshot

Stephanie is a transplanted Yankee from New Jersey who grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee. The middle child of three siblings and recently married to the man she calls her husband.

Growing up she thought her life would be that of a CEO of a Fortune 500 company but she turned to the life of saving people's lives as a paramedic.
Writing came from a co-worker inspiration. Never thinking she had a story to tell but here she is expressing thoughts of real life happenings embedded in her fictional world.



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