I See Potential in These Tales of Whimsy

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Book Review
Tales of Whimsy by Stacie Sugioka

I had the pleasure of meeting Stacie Sugioka at the Imagine Other Worlds with Authors Signing Event in July. One of the other organizers was gracious enough to loan me a copy of Stacie’s first publication, Tales of Whimsy: Four Stories of Unlikely Heroes.

Coming in at 52 pages, Tales of Whimsy won’t take most readers more than a day to read. It was a refreshing break from my normal fare. I often struggle with short stories and novellas because I am one of those readers always wanting more time with the plot and characters. But, somehow, in a few short pages (one of the stories is just over 3 pages), Ms. Sugioka is able to tell a complete bite-sized stories.

With a little more editing to clean up story continuity, especially in the first story, Ms. Sugioka will become a stronger storyteller who is able to write stories for children as she does in “Jebediah, the Unlikely Hero, and the Three Plagues of the Kingdom,” and for adults as she does in “The Fortune Maker.” If you are looking for a lighter, quick read and one that you could share with your children, I would definitely recommend Tales of Whimsy: Four Stories of Unlikely Heroes.


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I See Potential in These Tales of Whimsy

Tales of Whimsy: Four Stories of Unlikely Heroes

Author: Stacie Sugioka
Published on: July 24, 2015
Pages: 52
Genres: fantasy, fairy tales & folklore, anthologies and short stories
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My Rating: Thumbs Up

About Stacie Sugioka

"I'm weird. Whether that is my best or worst quality is just a matter of opinion." -Stacie

Stacie was born and raised in Iowa. She studied humanity through schooling and travel. Stacie loves foreign languages and has studied many languages wantonly, becoming proficient and none of them. Languages she has dabbled in include Spanish, Japanese, French, and American Sign Language. Stacie lived in Japan, where she taught English to children and learned much from the children in return.

Stacie is a nurse who teaches English to foreigners on her days off. In her free time she pursues a ridiculous amount of frivolous hobbies including roller skating, hula hooping, gardening, Latin dancing, and making art. She also loves Dr. Seuss.

Stacie's first published work was made possible by encouragement of friends and a broken right arm.



One response to “I See Potential in These Tales of Whimsy

  1. I’m also not a big short story reader! I feel as though they must be a particularly tricky sort of writing, because so often they do feel underdeveloped or leave me frustrated that there isn’t more. I tend to have a little better luck with connected short stories. This sounds like a cute collection and I’m glad it worked for you 🙂