My Top 5 Places to Read. Would you, could you…

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What are your reading rituals? Do you have a reading nook? What snacks or drinks must you have handy? Share pictures and recipes!




Places to Read

Do you read in bed?

where do you read

…with cats?

You will not read a book, you will pay attention to me!

Coal is never thrilled about me reading. Less focus on him, y’know.


Do you read indoors?

My Reading Corner

I used to read here. We got rid of one of our extra TVs and made this area all nice for reading and relaxing. Problem? That chair is also my husband’s gaming chair so often times it is in the living room being used by someone who is not me. I mean, technically, it is his chair.

And yes, that is an old PC tower that we are using as an end table.


…or outdoors?

Apparently I just needed vacation brain, a beautiful day and an excellent library book to get back into the swing of reading.

On warmer Iowa days, I’ve been known to enjoy the outdoors…with a good book.


Do you read in the car?


This is a picture of me and my new car in February. I have figured out how to connect my old iTouch in the car and it is loaded with audiobooks. Before that I just had books on my iPhone and could only keep one book on there at a time. Now when I finish one audiobook, I can jump right into another one!


Do you read while drinking and eating?

Starting the weekend off right... Wit's End Goodies

Maybe I do this too much?

3/365 (366)


Or maybe not enough?

Untitled Flying high today! #bookstagram #bookandabeverage


Oh, look, I’m outside and I’m reading and I’m enjoying a beverage.
Mom always said I need to get outside more!

This is how Fridays are meant to be enjoyed.


What are your reading rituals? Do you have a reading nook? What snacks or drinks must you have handy? Share pictures and recipes!





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13 responses to “My Top 5 Places to Read. Would you, could you…

  1. I “read” by audiobook on my way too and from work all the time! Lately I’ve favored reading while sitting with my daughter in the glider in her room, and reading on the couch while my husband plays videogames and whatnot. I USED to read while I ate/drank, but I don’t really anymore. I’m a slow enough eater as it is, and when I try to read at the same time it takes HOURS to finish a meal. I just don’t have that kind of time anymore. No bueno. 🙁

  2. This is so fun! I read almost exclusively in bed. I have a bit of a ritual, actually. Do blog stuff, then watch The 100 (or another show, but mostly The 100) and eat a single-serve hummus. Then, I read an ebook. Usually an eARC. Then, when I am satisfied with my progress on that, I read a physical book. Then I try to sleep 😉 I never eat while reading, unless I am like, starving, and even then I will only do it with an ebook! If I need some water, I put down all books first ? I may have a little bit of an obsession with how I read books, actually bwhaha. Love this post, Terri!

  3. I don’t do any actual “reading” in bed, but I listen to one of my favorite audiobooks almost every night to help me deal with my insomnia. (But I am allergic to cats.) Actually, since I am an audiobookaholic, I pretty much listen everywhere but work (it’s not allowed) and church (I’m not that addicted). Physical books are usually read while sitting on my couch or lounging in the tub.

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