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book announcement do no evil harold fischel

Do No Evil by Harold Fischel

An Excerpt from Do No Evil by Harold Fischel

The noise was so loud that Jason heard it all the way up in his room on the third floor. At first he thought something big, like a car or a truck, had crashed into the house, but the banging continued. He got up from his desk and raced down two sets of stairs to see where the noise was coming from. As he bounced down the final few steps, he realized that someone was pounding on the front door. He raced to the door and jerked it open. Caroline was lying crouched up against the door, tears streaming down her face, her whole body shaking uncontrollably. Jason threw his arms around his girlfriend.

“Caroline, baby, what happened?”

Caroline grabbed onto Jason and held him so tightly he could hardly breathe. She tried to speak but the words seemed to stop in her throat. Jason thought he could hear her say, “He was going to rape me.” He pushed his head gently against her wet cheek in an effort to comfort her. He whispered softly in her ear, “Baby, my poor baby. It’s going to be okay, I’m here. I won’t let anybody hurt you.”

Jason tried to pick her up and take her inside. Normally, at barely five foot eleven and with his slight build, he could not have lifted the big girl with her muscular, athletic body. But this time he managed to pick Caroline up and carry her into the living room where he laid her down on the large circular couch in front of the fireplace.

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book announcement do no evil harold fischel

The Overview

Synopsis: Jason Housten is a young man being raised by his mother, Kitty, after his parents’ divorce. He’s brilliant, just like his millionaire dad. He’s also leaving a trail of broken-hearted women in his wake as he concentrates on one thing only: his career. Just like his dad.

Catherine is Jason’s high school sweetheart. They’ve been inseparable for years since her step-dad tried to abuse her and she ran to Jason and his mom for protection. She pretends to support Jason’s decision to attend a different college, all the while dying inside.

Ibby is the daughter of Jason’s neighbor’s in their luxury New York City apartment building. She’s been brainwashed by a terrorist organization and hijacks the plane Jason happens to be on. He rescues her, along with other women being used as sex slaves, but poor, confused Ibby now thinks she’s in love with Jason, who is much older than she.

Kristy is the woman Jason sees casually in New York. When he comes home after the hijacking, he’s amazed that this so-called arm candy has smarts and a winning personality he never noticed before. When she admits she loves him, he knows the time has come for him to make a decision…



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