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About The Delphi Effect

It’s never wise to talk to strangers…and that goes double when they’re dead. Unfortunately, seventeen-year-old Anna Morgan has no choice. Resting on a park bench, touching the turnstile at the Metro station—she never knows where she’ll encounter a ghost. These mental hitchhikers are the reason Anna has been tossed from one foster home and psychiatric institution to the next for most of her life.

When a chance touch leads her to pick up the insistent spirit of a girl who was brutally murdered, Anna is pulled headlong into a deadly conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of government. Facing the forces behind her new hitcher’s death will challenge the barriers, both good and bad, that Anna has erected over the years and shed light on her power’s origins. And when the covert organization seeking to recruit her crosses the line by kidnapping her friend, it will discover just how far Anna is willing to go to bring it down.



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Music played a major role in writing this book, so Rysa created a Spotify playlist for The Delphi Effect.

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The Delphi Effect | In the Spotlight Book Release Announcement

The Delphi Effect

Author: Rysa Walker
Published on: October 11, 2016
Pages: 379
Genres: mystery, young adult, science fiction
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My Rating: Thumbs Up


I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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About Rysa Walker

rysa walker headshot

RYSA WALKER is the author of the bestselling CHRONOS Files series. Timebound, the first book in the series, was the Young Adult and Grand Prize winner in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. The CHRONOS Files has sold nearly half a million copies since 2013 and has been translated into ten languages.

Rysa currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, two youngest sons, and a hyperactive golden retriever. When not working on the second book in The Delphi Trilogy, she watches shows where travelers boldly go to galaxies far away, or reads about magical creatures and superheroes from alternate timelines. She has neither the time nor the patience for reality TV.


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6 responses to “The Delphi Effect | In the Spotlight Book Release Announcement

  1. Dana Matthews

    Hi Rysa, My question is do you personally have the gift of seeing or speaking to ghosts and if not where do you get your inspiration to write about this subject?

    • Hi, Dana! Sorry for the delay. I’ve been mostly in the Writing Cave for the past few weeks. I don’t have the gift of speaking with spirits, but I’ve spoken with people who say they do. This series was almost entirely inspired by music. I heard two songs back to back on the playlist my kids and I used to listen to during the morning drive to school–“Oh, Lately It’s So Quiet” by OKGo and “42” by Coldplay. By the time I finished my morning coffee, the idea for the Delphi Trilogy had taken hold. Later, when I was writing the first chapters of The Delphi Effect, I heard another song, “Walking With a Ghost” by Tegan and Sara, and that pushed me to keep writing. 🙂

    • Hi, Edye! I would probably have to separate the inspiration to create from the inspiration to write. The inspiration to create stories in ingrained…it’s something that I’ve always done. Actually getting them down as full and coherent stories is a little different, and like many writers, it’s quite often a deadline that inspires me to pour the coffee, park my butt in the chair, and whip the story into a shape that might be appealing to someone other than myself. 😉

    • Hi, Jana! As I mentioned to Dana, music played a big role. But I was also inspired by political events and my love of weird history. 🙂