Throwing My eReader in the #COYER Blackout Ring

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I’m blaming Lynn from for forcing my hand and “making” me join #COYER Blackout. You see Lynn came up with a brilliant discussion question for the March/April #ShelfLove discussion question and I’m embarrassed by how long some of the eBooks I own have gone unread. Most of my books have been free or under $1.00 because I can’t resist a “good” deal. After two years of doing #ShelfLove, I found it is easy to ignore my eBooks because I don’t see them every day. (Yeah, my photobooks did NOTHING to motivate me to read my eBooks.) Anyway, I need a bit of motivation to clear my eBook backlog and I think #COYER is the key.

This is my first time ever attempting #COYER so patience with me as I learn the ropes. Twitter parties still freak me out a bit and I think I’m just starting to get the hang of Facebook groups. I’m most looking forward to getting some of my eBook backlog cleared and meeting other bloggers. It’s been awhile since I expanded my network.


Join #COYER Blackout

December 17, 2016 to March 3, 2017

  1. Read book you have already acquired for less than $1.00
  2. This includes ARCs and electronic review copies, but not library books
  3. There is no page requirement this round, but you’ll want to visit the site for details about “fueling the generator.”

My #COYER Goal: 10+ old eBooks read and reviewed by March 3, 2017.

And, Lynn, if I “fail” this challenge, I’m blaming you.

Winter COYER Challenge

The Clockwork Dragon
Storms of Lazarus
Shadows of Asphodel
My Last Lament
Girl in Disguise
Any Witch Way You Can
The Masked City
The Worldwide Dessert Contest





6 responses to “Throwing My eReader in the #COYER Blackout Ring

  1. If it makes you feel better, Terri, I’ll join the COYER thingy with you! I need some other motivation to read my books. And these will count towards Shelflove, too! Now to only figure out which ones I “bought” for free!

    • Most of mine have been free, Lynn. I had a Nook Color for the longest time and B&N had/has expensive eBooks that were never eligible for discounts. I could often find the physical copy of books I wanted cheaper at B&N using my membership plus a random coupon they would send in teh mail. 🙂 Thankfully you can search your Amazon purchases. I had to do that yesterday because I wanted to make sure the book I read was free and I wanted to know how long I had it. It had been gathering dust since 2012.

  2. Hahaha I love it! I’m so glad you’re joining us this time. We have such a great group of bloggers – I just love chatting with everyone in the facebook group. We made it super strict this time because we all have the same problem – all these great deals that we never read! Good luck 🙂

    • I’m looking forward to it, Berls. Luckily…not sure if it is lucky or not…it’s flipping cold in Iowa this weekend. I won’t be going anywhere today so I’ll be reading and working on reviews!