Join Me on Another Crazy #ShelfLove Challenge Journey!

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shelf love challenge 2017

Well, we are back at it again. Lynn and Julie from and I are hosting the Shelf Love Challenge again in 2017. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. Over the last three years, I’ve learned a lot about my book buying habits. I’ve met some wonderful bloggers and I’ve expanded the types of posts on my site. All positive things!

We are once again hosting the challenge. This is year three and we are changing things up a bit! Instead of monthly discussion posts we are doing quarterly ones. Of course, if you want to post updates more frequently you are welcome to do so. Keep in mind, the only quarterly posts eligible for the Rafflecopter giveaway are the discussion posts.


Shelf Love Challenge 2017 Discussion Posts

  • December 2016/January 2017: Joining the #ShelfLove Challenge 2017

  • March/April 2017: Top Unread Books That Have Been On Your Shelf the Longest

  • June/July 2017: Mid-year Check-in

  • September/October 2017: Top Books/Genres You are Addicted To

  • December 2017/January 2018: End of the Year Check in Post

Y’all are cursing Lynn right now. She came up with a good discussion post idea for March/April. Now excuse me while I go speed read some of my eBooks that I’ve had since I bought my first Nook Color ages ago.



Join the Shelf Love Challenge 2017

If you are ready to join the Shelf Love Challenge, head on over to the Shelf Love Challenge page and decide how many books you are going to read and add your information to the link up!

shelf love challenge 2017



Why I Keep Doing the #ShelfLove Challenge

The honest truth? Because people told me I couldn’t! That’s been the biggest motivating factor. I’ve learned that when I’m down or I’m at an author signing event I’m more likely to purchase a book. So the last two years I’ve focused on making a conscious effort when I feel the need to buy a book to evaluate if I will actually READ the book. That’s helped curb my impulse buying.

I know many of you are one-click addicts. Me, not so much until I figured out how to convert Amazon books to read on my Nook. *sighs* Now I have built up this huge collection and I seriously need to focus on culling that collection by moving items to an abandoned list or actually reading them. It will be my #ShelfLove Challenge goal this year to read more of my electronic collection.

Tip for one-click addicts: Unsubscribe from those free eBook newsletters. As soon as I did that leading up the 2015 Shelf Love Challenge, my one-click impulse died quickly.

I know that some people eschew challenges, but I love reading challenges. I like the goal of reading 20,000 pages every calendar year. I like the goal of trying to read the books I already own. That’s why I bought them, right? I’ve found that I enjoy writing discussion posts whether they get any traffic or comments. All these challenges are a way for me to expand my network and improve on my writing skills. For me, these challenges make me a better reader, a better conversationalist (when I don’t turn into a frantic fangirl) and a better world citizen. And that for me is what all this reading and writing is about being a better person.

shelf love challenge 2017
What challenges, reading or otherwise, do you participate in? What were you goals for 2016? How will you up your game in 2017? What new challenges have you discovered? Add them to the link up!

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7 responses to “Join Me on Another Crazy #ShelfLove Challenge Journey!

  1. I love challenges too because, even when I fail, I’m still more motivated to work toward that goal. I’ll be joining the challenge again this year, but I haven’t done my sign-up post yet. I don’t know why I’d always forget about the discussion part of this challenge till way too late. I should try putting it into my calendar this year!

  2. I am in again and thank you. I like just the four update posts as more manageable for me! I got lost with them 2016 although I did read the books which is the main idea I guess!