My Fate is Sealed. I Will Be Crushed By My #TBR Pile.

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I’ll be honest, I kind of miss the monthly #ShelfLove check-ins. I’m probably missing them because I made so much progress this past month thanks to the #COYER Blackout Challenge that I want to share my joy with y’all.

#ShelfLove Books Read 2017

My Last Lament
Elizabeth Bathory: A Memoire: As Told by Her Court Master, Benedict Deseo
Boy Meets Boy
Donny's Brain
Any Witch Way You Can
Girl in Disguise
The Dante Club

But, that joy will be short lived because of the #COYER Blackout Instagram Challenge.


Day 2 was to take a picture of your 2017 Must-Read Shelf. Remember my gloriously virtually cleaned off shelf where I only had THIS many books to read before my backlog prior to 2016 was gone? And remember that I was able to clear off all those pictured below except for two!

fate sealed will crushed tbr pile

Yeah. Cool. Amazing, right? Brace yourself. This is what going to a convention and cleaning your house does to your bookshelf.

fate sealed will crushed tbr pile

So yay, I’m making progress in 2017 reading books I already own. And boo, I’ve accumulated enough physical books to last me at least two if not three years.

Well, you know what they say, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Now, SHH! I’m reading.



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How did your first month of reading for for 2017? Are you tracking ahead or behind your goals? Or maybe you haven’t started measuring yet! Let me know in comments.



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12 responses to “My Fate is Sealed. I Will Be Crushed By My #TBR Pile.

    • Thanks, Lynn. To date, I’ve completed 8 books for #COYER. So my iPad is feeling some weight lifted. 😉 The good news is that this week I finally finished my pre-2017 NetGalley backlog! (And then I requested 2 more books.)

      • I’ve been better with the Shelf Love challenge than the COYER challenge. Turns out all those free instant downloads no longer interest me!

        • It’s amazing how just a couple of years of the #ShelfLove Challenge has changed my buying habits! My NetGalley habit hasn’t changed…that sight and its reputation rating freak me out!

  1. Something similar happened to me today. I took a box of books into the used bookstore and left with more books. I was only going to get one or two, but they took a bit longer than usual to process my books. I had my hands full with a stack by the time they called my name to get my money! Oh well, at least now I have plenty to read for this year’s Sci-Fi Summer reading challenge.

  2. Ooooh this is so, so accurate. My shelf of “must reads” (which isn’t actually even a SHELF, as much as it is “entire bookcase”) is now overflowing, so I have had to start moving books to my “need to read sooner than later” shelf (also an entire bookcase) which means that IT is also overflowing, so now, books are being pushed to the “I’ll read these when I can” bookcase which now has no room only… there’s nowhere else to go. At all.

    But you are doing a great joB! That is a LOT of books from your shelf to have read so early in the year! I am impressed! I think I have read… one book from my shelves this year in comparison. So… give yourself a nice pat on the back 😀

    • Thanks, Shannon. I’m going to another LARGE convention in May and I’m somewhat thankful I’m flying. It means I have to really limit the books I can bring back. (Or I buy a box and ship them back…)