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Being a blogger isn’t all roses, rainbows and unlimited free books. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. While I’m busy writing, revising and proofreading posts, finding the perfect GIF and reading, I also have an extensive personal life where I work a 9-to-5 job that helps authors make their dream of finishing a book come true. I volunteer with a local science fiction and fantasy convention and helped found a local author signing event now in its second year. One of my goals in life is to help connect readers and authors.

And here’s a little secret…

Authors scare the bejesus out of me. I’m impressed by your imagination. Your ability to put words together and create whole new worlds and characters for me to fall in love with and obsess over amaze me. I’m sorry if my enthusiasm for your books, your characters, your worlds is too much. Sometimes I can’t contain my excitement. I foolishly assume you want to know when I connect with your amazing novels. But I’ve learned that isn’t always the case.

Sure it is a hard lesson to learn as I never imagined that someone could react negatively to a positive review. But I will try to focus on the positive interactions I’ve had with authors and eventually those good moments will outweigh the two or three negative moments.

And thank you for teaching me a lesson. I’ll be more cautious about tagging authors on positive reviews in the future and try to contain my excitement when meeting you in person after enjoying one of your books. Just know that I may not always be successful, but I will try to be a better reviewer from this point forward.

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Being a blogger isn't all roses, rainbows and unlimited free books.
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“Being a blogger isn’t all roses, rainbows and unlimited free books.”


FYI, I’m really nervous about leaving comments open on this discussion post. Please keep is positive and share good experiences you’ve had with authors. (And please don’t ask who I had the negative experience with. Thanks!)



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7 responses to “Scenic Sundays | Blogging Isn’t All Roses, Rainbows & Unlimited Free Books

  1. Wow, I guess I would never imagine that an author would be upset about a positive review. I have to believe that this was an isolated incident—I definitely wouldn’t let it dampen your enthusiasm for authors in general. I’ve had so many amazing experiences meeting authors who are truly happy and excited to get positive feedback!

    • That has been my experience the majority of the time, Nicole. Probably why this interaction was so shocking. I’m doing better this week than I was last week as I’ve had a few positive interactions with other authors since this happened.

  2. Wait, you’ve had authors react negatively about positive reviews? Well I’m sorry that has happened to you because I would feel pretty bad if that happened to me. I’ve had authors just not pay any attention when I’ve tagged them on Twitter, but to actually get a negative reaction when you’re trying to be nice and promote their books and share your love for them, that’s so nonsensical! Try not to let it get you down. Some people just aren’t appreciative, or maybe that author was just dealing with something personal and took it out on you. I think most authors do appreciate hearing about our love for their books.

    • One of my friends on FB said something similar…maybe the author was having a bad day and I was at the receiving end. The good news is that I’ve had two or three positive interactions on Twitter since this happened so I’m feeling a bit better about this than last week.

  3. Wow, I can’t imagine someone reacting negatively to a positive review. It’s the opposite of what I have experienced. I actually had an author find my post and tweet about it, even when the review was mixed with some good and some bad. I also had an author direct message me on Goodreads to thank me for being honest in my review, even though it was negative. My positive reviews sometimes get shared too, without me having to tag the author. I guess some authors just look for any Tweets to pop up that mention them, with or without the tag. Other authors don’t pay attention to Twitter at all, even if you tag them.
    Hopefully, this was a one-time thing that happened to you.

    • Thanks, Jen. I hope it was a one time thing as well. As one of my friends pointed out on FB, maybe the author was just having a bad day. I’ve had two or three (maybe more) positive interactions with other authors since the incident so I’m feeling better than I was last week. 🙂

  4. Aw sweetie, I am so sorry that you had such an experience. It is one of those reminders that we sometimes simply cannot understand people 😉 But I think you have handled it VERY gracefully! (Much more than I would have, I’d still be crying about it probably hahah!) But the reality is, that you weren’t in the wrong here, the author simply didn’t act very professionally, for whatever reason- and yes, like you said in the above comments, it could have been a rough day or whatever, which I get, though I still don’t think it is ever an excuse for meanness (as they could have later apologized for their response), but you taking the high route shows how classy you really are. More often than not, an author hearing you loved their book will absolutely make their DAY, so you keep being awesome ♥♥