Flashes of The Da Vinci Code. The Eighth Day Brotherhood by Alice M. Phillips

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Book Review
The Eighth Day Brotherhood
by Alice M Phillips

Back in October I attended a reading hosted by Alice M. Phillips at ICON 41. I knew I had to purchase a copy of Alice’s book after the reading was done for two reasons.

One. It was set in Paris during the construction of the Eiffel Tower.
Two. The book started on my birthday (August 1).

The Eighth Day Brotherhood is a quick, mysterious romp through 1888 Paris. Pulling in religious and mythological iconography, Phillips transports the reader to the streets of Paris filled with starving artists and crazed killers. With each day being a chapter and the weaving of Biblical and mythology stories, The Eighth Day Brotherhood reminded me of Dan Brown’s novels in both its style and pacing.

The characters and locales in Paris came alive in Phillips writing. Many times I felt as if I was walking the streets with Claude and Remy. I shivered when the mysterious Messenger made an appearance. And my heart ached for Finn as her journey was slowly told.

While the end of the story and the grand reveal felt a bit rushed as I don’t feel there were enough plot clues to connect at least one person to the murders, overall, I was satisfied with the pace of the story, the majesty of Paris and the believability of the characters. Phillips painted a taut mystery with a satisfying conclusion.

A version of this review also appeared in The Gazette. Read it now.

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Flashes of The Da Vinci Code. The Eighth Day Brotherhood by Alice M. Phillips

The Eighth Day Brotherhood

Author: Alice M. Phillips
Published on: August 11, 2016
Pages: 180
Genres: historical fiction, mystery, adult
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My Rating: Thumbs Up

If The Eighth Day Brotherhood intrigues you, Alice offers a sample PDF on her website for you to check out. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. Check out the sample today.

About Alice M. Phillips

author headshot alice m phillips

Alice M. Phillips of Richmond, Virginia, is an art historian and museum curator living in Iowa City, Iowa. Her recent exhibitions include Exploring the Demimonde: Sin and Temptation at the fin-de-siècle and Nocturnes: Night Skies in Nineteenth-Century Art and the Darker Side of Modern Art. She holds a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Iowa, specializing in nineteenth-century Symbolist art. Her doctoral dissertation The Invisible Labor: Nineteenth-Century Art, the Unconscious, and the Origins of Surrealism (2012) is published by Iowa Research Online. Dr. Phillips is also a visual artist, Irish fiddle musician and step-dancer, and facsimile creator of rare historical medical books.