2 Months Gone. Is My #TBR Pile Smaller?

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Well, the COYER Challenge is over and we are 2 months into the #ShelfLove2017 Challenge. So I think it’s time for a progress report of sorts.

Is My #TBR Pile Smaller?

My overall number of books read goal is 60. So far I have read 13 books. GoodReads says that I am 4 books ahead of schedule. I think that is cause for a celebration.


Even better? Five…yes, Five of those books were old eBooks I purchased and some of them were quite dusty.

Winter COYER Challenge

The Clockwork Dragon
Storms of Lazarus
Shadows of Asphodel
My Last Lament
Girl in Disguise
Any Witch Way You Can
The Masked City
The Worldwide Dessert Contest

12 books read or listened to.

  1. The Worldwide Dessert Contest March 9, 2012

  2. The Clockwork Dragon November 15, 2014

  3. Shadows of Asphodel July 30, 2014

  4. Any Witch Way You Can April 29, 2015

  5. I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot from School
    NO IDEA! BN.com doesn’t show you purchases like Amazon does.

And the others? 2 audiobooks from last year’s SYNC program. And the remaining ones were NetGalley requests that came in before COYER Blackout started. Storms of Lazarus was my oldest NetGalley request and I think I made that in 2015. Plus I cleared out a Sneak Peek that had suddenly shown up on my list, but because of its length it doesn’t count towards COYER.

Were all of them winners? Nope. But there were some solid reads like Girl in Disguise and The Masked City. Others seemed to drag on endlessly (read my review of Bookburners).

The absolute best thing about COYER? I cleared out my NetGalley backlog, which I’ll admit wasn’t HUGE, but all the books currently sitting on my NetGalley shelf are 2017 releases.

So What Does that Mean for #ShelfLove2017?

Remember back in December when I said that I wanted HALF of all my read books to counts towards #ShelfLove? That would mean that 30 of the books I read would need to be #ShelfLove books.

#ShelfLove Books Read

The Clockwork Dragon
Storms of Lazarus
Shadows of Asphodel
SNEAK PEEK: An Ember in the Ashes
My Last Lament
The Dante Club
Girl in Disguise
Any Witch Way You Can
Donny's Brain
Boy Meets Boy
Elizabeth Bathory: A Memoire: As Told by Her Court Master, Benedict Deseo


With a total of 13 books read and ALL of them acquired prior to January 1, 2017…*drum roll please*


So in doing the math, I am just 2 books short of being halfway to my #ShelfLove2017 goal of 30 books.

Honestly, I’m quite floored by my progress. I am feeling accomplished right now sitting here on March 1st. Seriously, this is the BEST I’ve done with the reading portion of the challenge. Which, it turns out, has been the HARDEST part of the #ShelfLove Challenge. But look at me…nearly halfway to my goal of 30.

How will the rest of the year go? I don’t know, but I will say I am encouraged by this progress. I’m also haunted by all the free books I acquired at MidAmeriCon II in August of 2016. And we just won’t talk about the 5 2017 releases I was approved for on NetGalley since January 1 or the 2 free books I got from Amazon. So…YAY ME! *high five* Let’s rock 2017!

So how go your 2017 reading goals and resolutions? How much progress have you made? Sound off in comments!



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7 responses to “2 Months Gone. Is My #TBR Pile Smaller?

  1. Woot! I’m so glad COYER has helped you so much 🙂 I’ve been making killer progress this year too – though not quite as good as you, since a few of my reads have been library books. So glad you decided to join us this time. You actually have today – Friday to try and knock out another book and review if you want 😉