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The Overview

The Status Update
by Sonia J. Buck
Pages: 99 pages
Publication Date: May 1, 2016

Still grieving decade old losses and feeling the weight of new losses, Christine felt like everything was slipping away from her – her home, her health, her family. Upon a freak Facebook encounter with her younger self, she’s presented with a second chance. Has Christine finally lost her mind? Or has she been gifted with a rare opportunity to change the course of her life? And if this gift is real, can Christine convince her younger self to believe her and to heed her warnings?

What about the butterfly effect? Will Christine’s modifications result in some universal impact? Should she try to stop tragedy for all involved or should she be more careful, and instead just focus on protecting her family?

A new twist on the time travel genre, The Status Update is the movie Frequency meets the movie The Lake House meets the digital age.

About Sonia Buck

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Sonia J. Buck is an attorney with the Auburn, Maine law firm, Linnell, Choate, & Webber, LLP. She is also an adjunct faculty and Advisory Committee member at Kaplan University. She received her B.A. from the University of Southern Maine, cum laude, in 2002, and received her J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law, magna cum laude, in 2005. In law school, she was the Production Editor of the Maine Law Review, which published her case note entitled Church Liability for Clergy Sexual Abuse: Have Time and Events Overthrown Swanson v. Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland? Sonia has also written several articles for American Bar Association publications. Sonia has extensive experience with legal writing, but The Status Update is her first published work of fiction.