It can’t be May 1st already?! Where are you going to college?

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For 15 years I worked in the world of higher education. First as an admissions counselor or road warrrior. I drove between eastern Iowa and Saint Louis (Go Cards!) and Kansas City (Go Royals!) for over 6 years. I honed my internal navigation sensors so I usually I can drive places without a GPS YELLING at me to turn around.

After leaving the road, I spent 10 years working in higher education marketing. I helped organize marketing campaigns that delivered shiny brochures to your mailbox and beautifully designed emails to your inbox. Did you or your son or daughter take the PSAT or PLAN or ACT or SAT? You may have received marketing materials designed and delivered by my firm. Pretty cool, huh?

This is the first time in 15 years, I’m not worried about May 1 (National Candidate Reply Date) and it feels weird. My life has taken quite a turn since a year ago. A year ago, I was miserable. My best friend got a wonderful job in Kansas City and my husband was in a car accident on the same day. Talk about a bad day, right?



Aurora Coffee Shop Marion Iowa

I’m completely amazed at how far I come in a year. I’ve got a new job. I get to work in coffee shops. I’m doing yoga one to two times a week. I’ve been picking up my camera again in attempt to create some stock photos for my job. I’m reviewing books for our local paper. There are only two things left on my list before I’ll truly be back to normal.

  1. Get out to the Barn more.
  2. Get a backlog of posts done for Second Run Reviews.

I don’t anticipate that either of these things will be difficult. The weather is warming up. Our indoor arena at the new barn is complete and the outdoor area is coming along nicely. (We just need some dry days here. It’s been pretty gloomy and rainy recently.) Plus since summer is nearly here, the schedule at the Y is shifting so the yoga instructors are playing switcheroo with days. I like some instructors better than others so I might swap one of my yoga days for a Barn day.

On point number two, I’ve got 11 reviews written in Word that just need to be coded plus another 2 reviews to write. I realized that I missing doing book tours and blitzes so I’ve signed up for a few of those. I also have some ideas for discussion posts that I just need to write. Maybe I need a staycation to get that reserve built up again.

I have a feeling once I get a good backlog of posts built up again that I can be better at visiting other blogs, commenting and sharing. So be on the lookout for that!

If I’ve learned anything from the last year, life is certainly a series of ups and downs and of course, that doesn’t make things easy. But, with a little bit of patience which always seems stretched to its limits, I have a job I love, friends and family that care and a bit of writing to keep me busy.


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