1 Crazy Way to Organize Your Books

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I have an eclectic way of organizing my books. For ages, I said when I got a place of my own I would have an entire room that would be movie themed. I have been a huge fan of Hollywood for as long as I can remember. I didn’t see many movies in the theatre as a small child, but once I started dating and then ventured off to college, I saw movies quite frequently. It is something my husband and I have in common and we actually would spend a great deal of time wandering the aisles of Blockbuster when we were dating seeking out indie films.

When we bought our condo in 2003, I set out to decorate our open living room and dining room space with movie posters and sign 8 x 10 glossies and other knick-knacks that hinted at our shared love of movies.

How does this spill over into my books? Well, most of the books in my scant number of bookshelves in the living room are geared towards the movie theme, they are signed or old an otherwise special meaning in my life. Here’s a video of my largest bookshelf and the only bookshelf we have room for in the living room/dining room area. (We do have a buffet that has books into, but it doesn’t hold many because well, my Trixie Belden collection is 39 books and takes up most of that space.)

A Sneak Peek of My Favorite Bookshelf

My Book Shelf Video

Don’t freak out, I don’t speak on the video.

So the top shelf has my Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter books (one of my HP books is signed by the illustrator Mary GrandPré). Those James A. Owen books should be on a different shelf. If you can’t tell, I’m running out of room. Either I have too many antique cameras or too many books.

The 2nd shelf is mostly my antique camera collection. Turns out the box sets of The Hunger Games series and The Divergent series offer wonderful platforms for creating different levels for displaying my cameras. Once again, you can see I have a slight obsession with cameras. (And yes, I saved a Dove candy wrapper.)

The third shelf holds my Diana Gabaldon collection. The only book not on the shelf that fits that theme is The Outlander Cookbook which my sister bought me just recently. The other books are all signed books…sort of. “Mr. Penumbra” isn’t signed, but I did adore that book.

The fourth shelf might be my favorite. I love my James A. Owen books and my Jim C. Hines books. Oh, and the Alice in Wonderland retelling by Frank A. Beddor. *sighs* Some of my favorite books are on this shelf.

The bottom shelf is an strange collection of favorite books and books that don’t seem to fit anywhere else in my house. Note to self…I really must get the 3rd book in the Ms. Peregrine series.

my tbr pile

Movin, Movin’, Movin’

My books really don’t move around that much. I have a shelf in my bedroom that holds my TBR physical books so once I read one of those it goes else where in the house or gets sold, donated or loaned to my sister. My books stay where I put them and usually I can find them if I didn’t loan them to my sister. (And trust me, she has gotten calls from me as weird times (usually when I’m packing for a con) asking if she still has book x, y and z.)

So how ’bout you?

How do you organize your bookshelves? Are they color coded? Just randomly thrown on there where they fit? Do you move and rearrange your books? How often do you do that? Share your thoughts in comments.

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2 responses to “1 Crazy Way to Organize Your Books

  1. My bookshelves are organized relatively randomly. I have two color-coded shelves, one shelf that’s mostly series, one shelf that’s review books, and then the rest are just … whatever. I keep telling myself that one of these days I’ll organize them better, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it.

    • With my limited amount of space, I can choose to be somewhat random in my arrangement because it don’t take me long to find books when I need them. There is probably some method to my madness…like all my HP books are together with Artemis Fowl because they are the same type of book. Almost all my books signed by local authors are together…but mostly it feels pretty darn random compared to the pretty pictures I see on Instagram.