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How the Bonds of Love Inspire My Writing

A big thank you to Second Run Reviews and her awesome readers for wanting to know about my writing and how the themes in my novels are related to my life. My primary theme is love with an emphasis on special bonds. I am blessed with people who love me and yet I crave for the sisterly love. I grew up with an annoying younger brother (who I love to death) but I wish I had a sister also. My girlfriends are like my sisters but…here I go, the day I watched the movie ‘Frozen’ I had tears in my eyes towards the end. I cannot explain the joy it brought to me when Elsa’s love saved her sister, Anna.

I have attempted to portray the strong relationship between sisters or girlfriends as an important aspect of my stories. The secondary characters mold the lead characters into who they are and their bonds define them. I take every opportunity to high light the simple yet sweet relationships we all have in our lives. The special bond you feel when you meet someone for the first time, the strength of a friendship that does not need an everyday phone call, the passive aggressive mommy love and everything I have experienced.

Okay, it got a little mushy toward the end but I mean every word and now moving onto my lead characters. Growing up I read a ton of Mills and Boons and books by Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel and Robin Cook. I enjoyed the romance in the M&Bs but wasn’t thrilled the hero (even though I found it irresistible) was super strong. When I started writing, I only wanted to create a female protagonists who was strong willed and be able to stand up for herself. With a kick ass heroine outlined, the natural thing to do was to create a sexy arrogant hero who would test the her limits for fireworks into the night.

I will continue to create my stories inspired by the beautiful people around me, every person I meet I learn something new from them and will write about it. I hope that all my readers will enjoy stories about ferocious male protagonists and women who know how to tame them.

Read an Excerpt from
Hold Me Captive…Forever by P.G. Van

Thirty minutes later, she stood in front of the mirror looking at herself. A wicked smile crept up her face as she ran her palms on the smooth material of Evan’s football jersey she had put on with a bright colored bra that peeked through the perforated material screaming for attention— thanks to Josie’s quirky bra collection at her boutique.

The football jersey was long enough for the hem to hit right above her knees, so she decided to skip wearing the skinny jeans she had set out on the bed. Her dark hair hung wildly, and her eyes were impatient to take in Evan’s look when he sees her in the jersey.

The house was awfully quiet as she stepped out of her room to go back to the study. It was a few minutes past six in the morning when she stood to look at the mess in the study as she put a plan together in her mind to put everything back in order. She went to the other jersey that lay on the floor and pinned it back on the wall.

“You are mine and will be forever, Thompson.” She ran her fingers on the letters stitched onto the sheer material.

An hour later, she was sitting on the floor putting the last set of his coin collection back in the lowest drawer when she heard footsteps approach the study.

She turned to look at him as he stood by the glass doors leading to the study taking a sip of his coffee.

She smiled at him without getting off the floor, and she knew he hadn’t seen what she had on as the desk was blocking his view.

“You clean up real good,” he smirked looking around the study.

“Do I?” she purred as she slowly stood up revealing herself in the loose football gear that drowned her but did not fail to show off her ample curves as she swayed toward him.

She suppressed a chuckle when she saw him swallow with great difficulty.

“Good morning,” she reached up on her toes and brushed her lips on his jawline right below the tip of his mouth making sure her breasts brushed against his arm.

“Didn’t you buy enough clothes yesterday?” His voice was shaky enough to encourage her.

“I might have… I couldn’t remember how it felt to wear your jersey. It was so long ago.” She put one arm around him and placed her palm over his fingers that held his coffee mug.

She held his gaze as she brought his coffee mug to take a sip of the steaming liquid and smiled, licking her lips.

“Thanks for the coffee,” she said and walked away from him toward the kitchen enjoying his burning gaze on her back. He was thrown off, and she knew he would eventually give in, but it was going to take a lot more effort from her. She expected him to grab her, but she could tell he was exercising a lot of restraint, and she had to crack it before she ran out of time.

book release hold me captive pg van

The Overview

Hold Me Captive…Forever
P.G. Van
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Adult
Release Date: December 13, 2016

Synopsis: Emily wakes up in an unknown place without any memory of how she got there. She was supposed to be on her way to a retreat for two weeks after her boss declares she needs it with her latest flare-ups at work. She forces herself to take the time away from her stressful life in spite of the objection from her friends. The last thing she remembers is being at her high school reunion, and the pain that grips her heart when the guy who broke her heart ten years ago shows up looking annoyingly tempting.

Evan didn’t expect her to almost claw his face off at the reunion, but he was surprised at the way Emily reacts to his presence. He asks himself if he cared enough about his high school sweetheart to find out why she had turned into an angry person.

Follow Emily’s journey as she follows her heart to find the person she wants to be held captive by… forever.

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About P.G. Van

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P. G. Van lives in San Francisco. She published her first novel of The Pure Destiny Series in October 2015 and cannot stop writing. She loves to spend time with family and is a strong believer of retail therapy (mostly shops for boots and purses!!). She enjoys giving her readers an escape to the world of love and romance.


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