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The Overview

Fated Hope (The Fated Saga #3)
by Sariah Skye
Genre: Fantasy, Adult
Release Date: August 6, 2017

Synopsis: Leorah James grew up in Anarach—a kingdom of dragon-shifters—friendless, and considered useless, with no magic. All because of age-old ideas, and fear towards what they didn’t understand.

Now, she’s back in Anarach, in a position she never thought possible: a queen, bonded to the gorgeous Maxxus, with extraordinary magic; ruling over the kingdom that once shunned her very existence. Now, Leorah and Maxxus have to bring the kingdoms together to try and strengthen everyone against the mysterious foe up against them.

The very thing that set her apart from her kingdom could be the very thing to save them all, if only they quell their fear and let her.

Some might consider Leorah a hero, given everything she’s been through and everything that stands before her. But, is she heroic enough to give everyone hope?

About the Series

fated souls sariah skye

Fated Souls (The Fated Saga #1)
by Sariah Skye
Genre: Fantasy, Adult
Release Date: 2016

Synopsis: Tormented and ridiculed she flees to where nobody knows her secret…

Leorah James is a geek who works as a barista, drives a beat up car and lives in a small apartment with no one but her cat for company. She blends in and she likes it that way. But when a cute stranger sees through Leorah’s facade she finds her carefully constructed life ripped out from under her feet. Leorah is plunged back into a world of dragon shifters, magic and mayhem. As a suffocating darkness winds its way between the realms, Leorah and her unexpected allies must untangle a web of lies to unleash the power that Leorah is convinced she doesn’t possess.

Can Leorah find her magic and protect those she loves? Nobody can outrun their destiny.

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fated souls sariah skye

Fated Magic (The Fated Saga #2)
by Sariah Skye
Genre: Fantasy, Adult
Release Date: 2016

Synopsis: No one can outrun their destiny, but just whose destiny was she running from?

Dragon-shifter Leorah James has everything she ever wanted. Friends. Magic. The ability to fly. And the promise of more romance than she can handle. But with her newfound power comes responsibility far greater than Leo ever imagined. As darkness infects the very heart of Anarach, Leo and her companions must leave the sanctuary of Castle Danger and face their worst fears. Betrayal, loss, action and adventure- Leorah is in for one hell of a ride.

Nobody said being the hero would be easy but is Leo dragon enough to play the part?

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About Sariah Skye

Sariah Skye physically resides in southern Minnesota with her husband, two kids and a dog, but mentally her head is in the clouds dreaming of anything that doesn't require "adulting".

When not writing she's probably geeking out watching Star Trek or Doctor Who, playing World of Warcraft, reading and/or staying up way too late. She'd love it if you dropped her a line at Facebook or Twitter but be prepared...she's a nictofiliac so be patient for a response while her eyes adjust to the light of day and beware of sarcasm. It helps to throw her chocolate or glitter first before engaging. Wine is also acceptable...but not to throw. Hand it over gently.


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