Go Away! Can’t You See I’m Reading?!

Posted on June 26, 2017 «
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go away cant see im reading

Reading is a favorite pastime of mine. It ranks right up there with napping. In fact, reading has been known to lead to napping in my house as well as kitty-snuggling. So what does it take (besides shut eyelids or a kitty sitting between my eyes and a book) to make me stop reading?

Ding, Dong…

Call it oldest child syndrome, but I’m super responsible. Even if I’m in the middle of reading a super-fantastic-blow-my-socks-off book, I will answer to doorbell. I live in a secure building and we don’t get traveling salespersons or missionaries at our door. So when our bell rings is usually someone coming to visit (and we were expecting them anyway) or UPS is arriving with a package which needs a signature.

Hey, I think the phone is ringing!

The phone ringing is a different matter. 99% of the calls we get on our landline are telemarketers so what’s the point of answering. We also have speaking Caller ID on our phone so it will tell us who is calling which provides hours of endless entertainment at computer mispronunciations. When we returned from vacation recently, I reviewed our missed calls and had a good laugh. (House of Cards fans will appreciate this.)

Underwood Call Donald J Trump

Go Away! Can’t You See I’m Reading?!

The one time you had better leave me alone is when I’m reading in bed at night. I have an evening routine. It involves getting in my PJs between 8:30 and 9:00 at night, snuggling down with my book of choice and my kitty at my side and reading until I can’t keep my eyes open. (I have been known to fall asleep while reading and my poor husband has to try to find the page I was on before putting my book on the nightstand.) Once I get into my Zen Zone of Relaxation (trademark pending 😉 ) nearing on total brain shut down for the day, I don’t want to be interrupted AT ALL.


So, how about you? What things will you ignore when you are in the middle of reading a super-fantastic-blow-your-socks-off book?

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6 responses to “Go Away! Can’t You See I’m Reading?!

  1. I love how you’ve created an entire story out of this situation! Generally, I’ll start tapping impatiently with my foot before feeling guilty and getting up to see who it is. I just can’t leave it be!

    • I get excited when our security buzzer rings because NO ONE comes to visit us without arranging it ahead of time (my family lives several hours away) and who doesn’t love it when the UPS man is delivering BOOKS!

  2. Like you, I will answer the door but not the phone and my evening reading time is sacred. Also, I give everyone I know a warning in advance of a readathon that I will shoot daggers out of my eyes if I’m interrupted during the event 🙂

  3. I’m like you and I pretty much read every night before bed. Sometimes my husband does dare to interrupt me, but I guess I can forgive him. I don’t answer the door, though, because 99% of the time it’s just a package (and it doesn’t need a signature). They just leave them on my front stoop and I get them once my dogs have stopped flipping out.