A Quick Accounting: An Update on my 2017 Reading Goals.

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2017 reading goals mid year update

Well, the year has certainly been speeding by for me! Holy smokes. 6 months done and gone. Less than a month until my birthday. And just over a month till the second Imagine Other Worlds with Authors event. Unbelieveable.

Personally, I have a whole different outlook on life than I did near the end of 2016. A new job…a dream job actually…will do that. 🙂 I have more me time and a truly enjoy what I do. Some mornings I wake up and “commute” to my home office thinking, “Is this really my job?” It’s still unbelievable to me.

My 2017 Reading Goals

My standard goal since 2011 has been to read 20,000 pages every year. As of July 1, 2017, I have read 10,725. Just over halfway to that overall goal. Good progress being made there.

My GoodReads Reading Challenge Goal is to read 60 books. The past several years my goal has been 52 books, but I upped by goal this year based on my end year totals for the last 5 to 6 years.

As of July 1, 2017, I have read 35 books. So over halfway done with that goal, too. I smell victory…

2017 reading goals

My Shelf Love Challenge Progress

My Shelf Love Challenge 2017 Goal is that half of the books I read in 2017 should count towards this challenge. So 30 of my 60 books should be books I own prior to 2017. And as of July 1, 2017, 25 books that I’ve read have counted toward the #ShelfLove Challenge. I believe this is the best I’ve done at actually COMPLETING books since the ladies at ChapterBreak.net and I started this challenge.

How COYER Helps Me Reach My Reading Goals

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been my fortitude that has netted me 25 books towards the #ShelfLove Challenge. That number is only that high because I’ve joined two COYER Challenges so far. Those gals know how to party and keep readers engaged in their Challenge!

During COYER Blackout, I read a total of 13 books and 11 of the books I read during that timeframe counted towards the Shelf Love Challenge. I also cleared out my NetGalley backlog during the COYER Blackout event.

summer reading list

The COYER Summer Reading List Challenge JUST started last week. I took the reading list challenge and as of July 1, I’ve read 5 books from my Summer Reading List and 4 of the 5 counted towards my Shelf Love Goal. So thank you to Michelle, Berls and Stormy for creating a fun, interactive challenge that is helping me to meet my 2017 Reading Goals.

There’s still time to join the COYER Summer Reading List Challenge. So if you are lagging behind on our Shelf Love Challenge goal, I would encourage you to join the challenge. (And no, you don’t have to make a reading list if you don’t want to.)

Whatcha talkin’ about Willis? #LetsDiscuss2017 Challenge

This may be my favorite challenge even though I often forget to link up and enter any of the monthly giveaways. I discovered the Book Blogger Hop which has been super helpful in creating some of my latest discussion posts.

My goal this year was Creative Conversationalist (between 11 and 20 posts). I could stop discussing things today (which is highly UNLIKELY) because I have MET this goal.


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Let’s Discuss…

What goals did you set for 2017? Are you making good progress on your goals? Sound off in comments!




4 responses to “A Quick Accounting: An Update on my 2017 Reading Goals.

  1. Okay, funny story- you just reminded me that I did not link my OWN discussion on the challenge. So there’s a fail for you 😉 Awesome that you have met your goal though! And it does sound like you are making great progress on the rest, too! I love when you can just relax, knowing your goal will be attained!

    • Yeah, it is kind of nice. I read like a mad woman at the end of June and beginning of July. I suddenly slowed down and I was kind of freaking out until I visited GoodReads and they kindly informed me that I’m 6 books ahead of schedule. So that helped sort of…I’m trying now to finish a library book that is due back on the 19th!