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in the spotlight feature

In the Spotlight feature kicked off in April 2015 and is an opportunity for authors, editors and publishers (basically anyone in the book industry (yes, even bloggers!)) to connect with fans. There is an option to do an interview, guest post, feature a book sale or book release or a cover reveal. Best of all, it’s free! All you need to do is click on the image to reserve your spot!


Now on with the show!


In the Spotlight with M.L. Williams

in the spotlight question

Welcome back to Second Run Reviews, M.L.! Thank you for being In the Spotlight. I appreciate you stopping by and answering a few questions. So let’s get things started.

Tell us your most tragic or comedic story in 6 words or less. (It can be fiction).


author interview ml williams

Holding my dying brother’s hand.



in the spotlight question

What have you been up to since the last time we spoke? How goes the writing career? If you have a new release or releases, tell us about them! What inspired you this time and what do fans of Second Run Reviews have to look forward to?



author interview ml williams

I recently published (Nov. 2016) the sequel — Return of the Earthers — to my first novel — Seers of Verde. I am happy with my writing so far. I have published two novels this year and am proud of my effort. The two-book space opera set is about a group of Earth colonists who get attacked and then separated after landing on a newly bio-formed planet. The colonists lose all their tech in the attack and develop into two disparate cultures. Conflict ensues when the groups finally come into contact after two centuries of separation.

I was inspired by the Dune series of prequels and sequels. The writing style appealed to me and have tried to emulate that.

My future projects include:

  • An anthology of stories from my childhood of growing up on an Iowa farm in 1960s; and
  • A possible light fantasy/historical novel based on two of my great-grandfathers during the Civil War and post war.
in the spotlight question

What is one item on your bucket list? Why is it on your list?




author interview ml williams

Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru. I would love to wander around the ruins and imagine what life was like when it was a thriving city.



in the spotlight question

How would you describe your writing process?




author interview ml williams

When writing, I try to set aside at least 3 hours to devote to that with little or no interruptions. I just try to get into the story and let the characters lead the way.



in the spotlight question

Andy Warhol stated that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame. What happened during your 15 minutes?




author interview ml williams

Being the recipient of several national writing awards has been very rewarding.




in the spotlight question

What is one question you wish I would have asked, that I haven’t?




author interview ml williams

What created your desire to write?

Reading the works of Tolkien, Vonnegut, Asimov, Heinlein, Herbert (Frank), Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson kicked open the door of my imagination.


in the spotlight question

Any last thoughts or wise words you want to pass along?




author interview ml williams

If you have a dream to write or create anything — do it. It does not matter if it’s a commercial success. What matters if it fulfills your soul.



in the spotlight question

Thank you for being In the Spotlight at Second Run Reviews, M.L. I hope that readers will take a chance on your novels, give you excellent reviews and that you’ll return soon to tell us about your latest adventures in book writing!



book info seers of verde ml williams

The Overview

Synopsis: Marauders from a renegade planet attack an Earth colony ship forcing landing parties to split into two groups in a desperate attempt to escape. The attackers are killed but the colonists pay a terrible price. Their vessels are destroyed stranding them without their technology on either side of an imposing mountain range on the planet Verde Grande.

Descendants of a mysterious Seer now protect their people but become the bane of the hunter society on the other side of the mountain. For two centuries all attempts to scale the mountain are thwarted by the powerful Seers who want to preserve their religion and way of life no matter the cost.

One day, a party of hunters sets out to climb the mountain. To their dismay, the Seers cannot control a strange unreachable young woman, who finds the passage to their protected valley. The reunion triggers a decades-long conflict between the Seers and the children of the “lost ones”—a struggle that forever changes the people of Verde Grande.

book info return of the earthers williams

The Overview

Synopsis: Aron Nels has challenged 19 enemy warriors to death duels. If he fails, the truth of the tragic events at Temple Darya will never be known. The lone surviving Defender of the Nuvens is unaware another force is working against him — the powerful Seers who have kept their people safe from space marauders and the Nuvens for centuries.

Willa Sydriker fights to free her world from the yoke of the Tanlians. To do this, the young woman has to convince her people to back a daring plot to hijack the space marauders’ transport ship. If successful, she has to find and convince their former enemy — the “Earthers” — to help their cause.

Gerro, captain of the Tarylan Guards, has committed an act of treason against the Seers. The bastard son of an estranged Seer and unknown father must cross the treacherous mountain to find his mother in the Valley of the Heroes, home of the Defenders.

Jorn Nandez, a captain in the “Earther” space fleet, dreams of returning to the planet his ancestor helped bioform. No one has been in contact with the former Earth colony world for more than 300 years after it apparently was abandoned. The fearsome Tanlians stand in his way but even they avoid the mysterious “ghost world.”

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About M.L. Williams

author headshot ml williams

M.L. Williams is an award-winning ex-journalist. He retired after 39 years of battling deadlines to venture into the world of science fiction. Williams lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He spends his time reading, writing and enjoying his role as Grandpa. Return of the Earthers is the sequel to Seers of Verde: The Legend Fulfilled.




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