Discover a New Book: I Used to Know That by Caroline Taggart

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Book Review
I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot from School
By Caroline Taggart

Thanks to #COYER Blackout, I dug through my back Nook catalogue and found this gem which was a free Friday download at some point. I’m almost certain I got this book with the full intention of loaning it to my husband because I was less than thrilled with it by the time I was finished.

The concept for this non-fiction fact filled book is simple—“You know all the stuff you learn in high school and forgot? Well, here it is in just over 100 pages.” I was hoping to learn some fun new facts and actually gain some knowledge. I was left sorely disappointed.

Divided up by classroom subjects—English, Math, Science and History with a short chapter on Geography—Taggart zooms through the highpoints of each of these areas. Math and Science, which were my WORST subjects in school, are still confusing as hell. And the information in the English and History chapters was stuff I already knew or easily remember with a few triggers because those still are my favorite areas of study (not surprising since the bulk of what I read is historical fiction).

In short, I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot from School is a short, quick high level overview of your entire high school curriculum in just over 100 pages and probably not worth your time if you are looking to learn something new as it sticks close to pop culture facts and general knowledge.


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Discover a New Book: I Used to Know That by Caroline Taggart

I Used to Know That: Stuff You Forgot from School

Author: Caroline Taggart
Published on: October 19, 2010
Pages: 192
Genres: adult, nonfiction
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My Rating: Thumbs Down

About Caroline Taggart

I was an editor for 30 years before Michael O’Mara Books asked me to write what became I Used to Know That. I think its success took everyone by surprise – it certainly did me – but it led to my writing a lot of other books and finally, after about three years, feeling able to tell people I was an author. It's a nice feeling.

Until recently the book I was most proud of was The Book of London Place Names (Ebury), partly because I am passionate about London and partly because, having written ten or so books before that, I finally felt I was getting the hang of it.

Now I have to confess I’m really excited by my first venture into continuous narrative. For A Slice of Britain: around the country by cake (AA) I travelled the country investigating, writing about and eating cake. From Cornish Saffron Cake to Aberdeen Butteries, I interviewed about 25 people who are baking cakes, biscuits and buns that are unique to their region, part of their heritage – and pretty darned delicious. The Sunday Times reviewed it and described me as ‘engaging, greedy and droll’, which pleased me enormously.

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