Happy Birthday to Me! Come Help Me Celebrate!

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Today is my birthday. I am one year closer to 40 and one year closer to going to Paris. Leading up to my birthday I have often been asked, “What do you want for your birthday?” So here’s what I want for my birthday.


It’s no secret I love books and I love reading. I started Second Run Reviews three years ago (HOLY COW!) for just that reason. Then I got uber involved in bookish events and THEN I got a job in the book industry. So today, to celebrate my birthday, I want you to support an author you love. You can leave a review on Amazon or GoodReads or other fine retailer web site. Or maybe buy a book you’ve been meaning to get. Or maybe you just send them a message via your favorite social media outlet.

And if you are looking for more books and live near Cedar Rapids, come to the IOWA Book Signing Event on August 5th at Lindale Mall. It’s a little shindig I’m helping organize and there will be over 30 authors looking for fans to support their work. Best of all it’s free to attend and we have a drawing just for attendees. Just bring your money because I’m certain you’ll discover a new author to support while you are there.

Oh, and it would be cool if you left me a note in comments about how you celebrated my birthday. What book did you buy or what author did you give a shout out to? I would love to know because it is almost certain that I will die by being buried by my TBR Pile.


8 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me! Come Help Me Celebrate!

  1. Happy Birthday, Terri! I’m celebrating by trying to finish Waking Gods! I have a review scheduled on Friday. I’ll spread the author love then.

  2. Happy belated birthday, Terri! I hope it was fabulous! I feel you with the getting closer to 40 thing- it scares the crap out of me that in a couple months I will no longer be able to check the 18-34 box. ::SOBS:: But PARIS, that sounds kind of worth it 😉 I am going to take your advice and buy a book that I really want to get (Waking Gods, which is funny because Lynn mentioned it above me!) or A Closed and Common Orbit- or hey, maybe both!