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Paging Chapter One

by Shakyra Dunn

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We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Simple as a statement, open-minded in perception, and holds weight on life experiences, right?

But how many people out there really base their judgment of media solely on the cover? Surprisingly, it’s a common trait—if the cover of your novel, the promotional poster of a new TV show or upcoming movie, isn’t appealing, then chances are that it will be pushed aside for something more pleasing to the eye. It’s sad, but let’s buckle down and get honest here.

But what of those that judge by the synopsis of the media? Or even the first chapter/reviews on that media?

Because I happen to be one of those people here! I like having word of mouth for movies as much as I like to see them, and if I find a new book I want to check out, I’ve got to know that the synopsis peaks my interest.

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The first chapter can come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from a twenty-word meaningful quote to a three-thousand-word prologue. The first page can effortlessly be defined as the first chapter, make no mistake on that. Every place has its beginning.

The start of your story is something that needs to stand out, and that’s something that we all must accept in due time throughout all of the perseverance and anguish.

We want our stories to be fantastic because of how much work that we put into our craft. We want people to resonate with them, and with the characters that we outline in our minds in order to make them real. We want those crucial first pages to be read, because they connect with the pages that are further down the line, and keep us going.

And it all begins with the first chapter, the first few words, of that grand tale, not always with the front cover. The front cover is only a single element that binds a reader to an author. The cover can be appealing, but it is what lies behind the cover that can determine what the reader gains from the intimate words that the author whispers to them from the other side.

It is a truth that has yet to be comprehended, and is underappreciated.

Maybe it’s time we at least considered it.

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The Overview

Synopsis: A recently-crowned princess with a thirst for magic accidentally destroys her home. A simple youthful rebellion grows into a lifelong friendship. A young woman meets reliable allies. And a young boy is dealt a harsh hand when he sets out to make his own path.

Four tales. Four parties. All intertwined to set the stage for a bigger event. The sense of adventure builds as lessons prepare to be learned.

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About Shakyra Dunn

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Shakyra Dunn can't stray away from the impression that there is always an adventure around every corner! When she isn’t playing the role of the Creator, she is marching through the worlds of her favorite video game characters or taking drives around her city to see the sights. Born in Chicago, Illinois, she currently resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, striving to experience more than the little town.