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What My Thanksgiving Looks Like Now

For many, many years now I’ve hosted Thanksgiving for my family. What’s so fun is that I live in a tiny condo and as the family as grown it’s become more and more of an adventure cooking a whole turkey dinner and then slamming more and more people around my tiny table and hoping I don’t piss off my downstairs neighbors too much with the increasing number of kids running around my place.

My Dream Author-Only Thanksgiving Dinner

If my family couldn’t make it to place and I had to invite my author friends, I would hope that all my local author friends would join me. Maybe I could even convince Jim C. Hines and Diana Gabaldon to join us for the day. Although, after my reaction to meeting Diana in May, maybe that isn’t a good idea!


One of the other stops on the hop is Imagine Other Worlds with Authors, a book signing event that I help organize. I.O.W.A. is the brainchild of local Cedar Rapids authors, Aaron Bunce and Jed Quinn as well a two bookworms, Dana Beatty and myself. This year, we are adding a third organizer to our merry band, Amanda Zhorne, who is a a huge fan of reading, books and authors. We are excited to have her as part of our team.

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81 responses to “Enter the Black Friday Giveaway Book Bonanza Hop!

  1. John Smith

    “Which author would you invite to join your table at Thanksgiving?” Living or dead? Probably Shakespeare. I’d ask him, “So, Shakespeare, what’s the deal with all these unanswered questions about your life and work?”

  2. I would invite Chevy Stevens to eat. Then I would pick her brain in regards to writing vivid horror stories. She is creeptastic!

  3. Adria

    That’s a tough question. I would probably choose J.R.R Tolkien because I have so many questions to ask.

  4. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but if we did I would love for SJ Pajonas to join me. She’s such an amazing author and a nice person.

  5. Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA

    Oh man, there are a lot but I think the authors who top my list are J.K. Rowling (because it’s SUPER impossible to see her at book signing events, right?) and also Jules Verne (I would really want to know how he came up with ideas!)

      • Janie McGaugh

        I met her once at a book signing, where she entertained everyone during the entire signing. There weren’t that many people, relatively speaking, but it took a while, because she didn’t do well talking and signing at the same time (which I can’t blame her for)! I was really glad I made the 2+ hour trip each way in order to meet her.

        I really do love her Immortals after Dark series. You should try it if you like PNR.

  6. Odette Oswald

    I would invite Julia Quinn! She is the author that got me into loving romance novels!

  7. Leah Shumack

    JK Rawlings! Harry Potter is one of my favorite characters/books for the last 20 years!