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Available as of January 9, 2018:
The next chapter in the Magic Ex Libris saga, by Jim C. Hines

imprinted jim c hines


book release imprinted jim c hines

Jeneta’s magic could give us the stars…or destroy everyone she cares about.

Seventeen-year-old libriomancer Jeneta Aboderin is a prodigy, determined to move on from the horrors she’s faced and use her power to create a better future. To show the world that magic isn’t a threat to be feared, but a tool of hope. After eight months, she’s ready to present the Venture, a magically-created ship capable of reaching Mars within hours. It will mark a new phase of human exploration and discovery. But at a crucial moment, her spell is wrested from her control and twisted against her. As Jeneta recovers, whoever sabotaged her magic begins to strike down those around her. The attacker haunts her thoughts and dreams, reviving Jeneta’s past traumas. And the most powerful magic-users at New Millennium are unable to help.

How do you stop an enemy who strikes from within your own mind?

This 15,000-word novelette is set eight months after the events of Revisionary.

Read an excerpt from Imprinted

Before leaving the medical tower, Jeneta asked to stop by Talulah Polk’s room.

Talulah lay in a hospital gown on a bed identical to the one Jeneta had just vacated. She’d kicked the thin sheet down to her knees. Her skin was pale and sweaty, and she’d drooled a dark circle onto the pillow. She looked fragile.

A get-well bouquet of orchids and roses sat on the windowsill. A series of small monitors hummed and beeped next to the bed. An IV tube snaked into Talulah’s left arm. Talulah whispered softly in another language. Choctaw, maybe? She’d grown up on a reservation in Oklahoma.

“The doctors will do everything they can to help your friend,” her father said, putting a gentle hand on Jeneta’s shoulder.

“Did you know she has her own YouTube channel?” Jeneta murmured. “She’s a gamer. Millions of people watch and listen as she runs through different games. She’s really funny.”

Talulah’s eyes moved beneath her lids. “Listen…”

“Talulah?” Jeneta grabbed Talulah’s right hand. “I’m here. I’m listening.”

Talulah’s fingers twitched and moved, like they were tracing lines of text. “Transmitting… First message.”

“What is it?” her father whispered.

“I think she’s reading the scene from New Destiny.” Jeneta’s stomach sank. “I thought maybe she could hear me, but she’s just trying to finish what we started on stage.”

Talulah’s muscles twitched and jerked like a marionette with tangled strings. “They’re coming. Swimmers.”

A shiver spread from Jeneta’s spine through her body. That wasn’t from New Destiny. “Who are the swimmers?”

One of the monitors began to beep loudly.


Footsteps from the hall grew louder. Her father touched her arm and said, “We should go.”

Jeneta wanted to argue, to stay, but Talulah was clearly growing more agitated. “We’re going to help you,” she promised. “Whoever did this, we’ll stop them.”


Jeneta focused her thoughts on Talulah, listening for the faintest telepathic whisper as her father led her away, but heard nothing more.

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Discover a New Book: Imprinted by Jim C. Hines


Author: Jim C. Hines
Published on: January 9, 2018
Pages: 58
Series: Magic Ex Libris Series #4.5
Genres: fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, adult
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Also in this series: , Libriomancer, Codex Born, Unbound, Revisionary


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About Jim C. Hines

author headshot jim c. hines

Jim C. Hines is the author of the Magic ex Libris series, the Princess series of fairy tale retellings, the humorous Goblin Quest trilogy, and the Fable Legends tie-in Blood of Heroes. His latest novel is Terminal Alliance, book one in the humorous science fiction Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse trilogy. His short fiction has appeared in more than 50 magazines and anthologies. He’s an active blogger, and won the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer. He lives in mid-Michigan with his family.




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