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A New Series from R. J. Eliason

Seraphim One: In the House of the Wolf

High above the world is Seraphim, the city of the angels. A multigenerational research ship that looks down on the ruins of the earth. It’s inhabitants watch on as the grounders try to rebuild their world. Unable to go to the surface they project themselves as holograms, tell the grounders they are angels. Guide their development.

Bracklin can ride as well as any man. She can fight better than her brother, Benjim. What she can’t do is escape Lakehall castle and the life of of a Lady. That is unless she can convince the squire Domus to help her.

Benjim isn’t as strong or good with a sword as his friend Domus. But he is the heir to House Cainad.

“I’l be a great lord?” Benjim asked.

“You’ll be great,” the angel Sandalphon deflected.

Sandalphon is the youngest person ever accepted into the program. Amidst the mundane details of tracking bioengineered plagues and capturing interesting tidbits of the grounder’s life for the entertainment of the ship, the angels have a broad ambition, to turn a medieval kingdom into a modern nation and trigger the renaissance. But are the grounders ready for the next leap forward?

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About R.J. Eliason

R. J. Eliason is the science fiction/fantasy pen name for Rachel Eliason. She has always been a lover of good books with diverse characters and lush world building. She enjoys reading and writing stories in the fantasy and science fiction genre.

In her mundane life, Rachel is a forty something transgender woman from the Midwest. She works as a nurse in an acute mental health ward.